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Kittaya Royal Beauty

Kittaya is a PhiBrows Royal Artist who has completed the National Blood Borne Pathogen Course and been certified by the Phibrow International Academy in Europe. Kittaya has undergone permanent makeup operations in Japan, Thailand, and the US during the past eight years.
She is a happy military spouse as well. Kittaya has interacted with some of the most well-known figures and artists in the permanent makeup industry at prominent beauty conferences and displays.
She has trained with some of the best master permanent makeup artists in the business from the US, the UK, and Asia. She is now proud to serve Sugar Land, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Stafford, and the neighboring areas of Fort Bend County in the gorgeous state of Texas using her highly sought-after abilities and techniques.

Education / Certificates

Obtained Certificate of Completion in Powder Brows, Nano Microblading Realisitic, Scalp Micropigmentation, Dark Lip Neutralization, Soft Eyeliner, Freckle and Beauty Mark Application, Nano Brows, Neutralization of Dark Lips with Aqua Style Lips

Graduated Tattoo removal cleanser at Latin Beauty Studio Thailand

Graduated Philing at Branko Babić PhiAcademy Europe

Graduated Microneedling at Branko Babić PhiAcademy Europe

Holds certifications and licenses from Barbicide and State of Florida Board of Cosmetology.

Attended Diamond Worldwide PMU Master class 2019 Hosted by Phibrow Grand Master Huong Phan in Vietnam.

Attended Golden Master class Asisa Best Talent 2018 in Hosted by Phibrow Grand Master Huong Phan in Vietnam.

Attended Worldwide PMU conference 2018.

Attended Vegas PMU Conference 2022

Graduated Phibrows Microblading at Branko Babić PhiAcademy Europe

Graduated 6HD Eyebrow Micro Blading & Shading at Xbrows Academy Thailand

Graduated Semi Permanent Make-up at EyeBrow Nudgubnut Academy Thailand

Graduated 3D Eyebrow Micro Blading & Shading at EyeBrow Nudgubnut Academy Thailand

Graduated 4 Dimensions Embo Twist at EyeBrow Nudgubnut Academy Thailand

Graduated Eyebrow Microshading at EyeBrow Nudgubnut Academy Thailand

Graduated Male Eyebrow Micro Blading & Shading at EyeBrow Nudgubnut Academy Thailand

Graduated Lips Tattoo from Poonya Academy Thailand

Graduated Perfect Super Bright Lips at Wellendrof Microblading & Permanent Make up Academy Sweden

Graduated Eyeliner Classic and Star Dust at Wellendrof Microblading & Permanent Make up Academy Sweden


We are excited to share that we won first place in two categories at an international competition held in Iceland, May 2024. Competing for the first time, we submitted our best work in both Microblading with shading and just shading categories. Among 21 countries represented, our dedication and skill made us the award winners of the night. This achievement highlights our commitment to excellence and our passion for what we do. We’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase our talents on such a prestigious stage and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality services to our clients.


Enhance Your Look; Be Permanent

Kittaya Royal Beauty PMU believes enhancing your look should permanently improve your self-confidence. Our skilled artists specialize in providing customized and long-lasting solutions, ensuring you wake up feeling more beautiful and self-assured every day.

Commitment to Enhancing Your Confidence

We understand that your appearance plays a significant role in how you feel about yourself, and we take pride in helping you achieve the look you desire. 

Hygienic Environment for All Procedures

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and follows strict sterilization protocols to minimize any risk of infection or contamination. 

What We Do

Our Services

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing your beauty, we are your trusted partner on the journey to self-care and self-discovery.

Lip Tattoo / Lip Blush

Experienced artists use precision and premium pigments to create beautifully defined lips that last. Say goodbye to smudged lipstick and hello to a perfect pout that requires minimal maintenance.

Eyelash Extensions

Our team of certified and extremely talented artists is committed to bringing out the most in your inherent beauty. Choose from various styles and curls to achieve the desired look, from elegance to bold glamour.

Permanent Eyeliner

Our creative eyeliner choices highlight our distinctive eye shape and color, whether you're going for a more dramatic or subtle look. Bid farewell to the hassle of constantly applying eyeliner,

Facial Massage

Our facial massages are customized to meet your unique demands, guaranteeing a rejuvenating experience that returns your inner and external attractiveness. and welcome to flawlessly lined eyes.

Frequently Ask Questions


We are dedicated to giving our customers an extraordinary experience that surpasses their expectations. We take pride in offering a range of exclusive perks to enhance your journey with us.

Most patients say they are just somewhat uncomfortable throughout the process. Topical numbing lotions are administered to lessen any discomfort. Many people describe the feeling as a bit of tingling or itching.

The lifespan of a lip tattoo varies from person to person but often lasts two to five years. Sun exposure, lifestyle, and skin type all have an impact on how long it lasts.

You can customize your eyelash extensions by choosing the length, thickness, and curl type that suits your preferences.

To extend the life of your eyelash extensions, avoid oil-based makeup removers, refrain from rubbing your eyes, and use a lash brush to gently comb them. Regularly scheduled touch-up appointments are also crucial for maintenance.

Indeed, facial massage is appropriate for every form of skin. Our therapists tailor the massage to your skin’s needs, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Consistent massage sessions, occurring every two to four weeks, sustain the maximum advantages of relaxation, enhanced blood flow, and diminished muscular strain.

News About Our Company

Our Team

We bring much knowledge and expertise to every service we provide, having assembled a team of exceptionally talented and committed individuals. Our team members are not just experts in their respective fields; they are passionate about their craft and committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and innovations. We believe that excellence is achieved through continuous learning and growth, reflected in the quality of our work. However, it’s not just about talent; it’s also about making our clients feel comfortable and at home. We place a high value on transparency, paying attention, and ensuring your wants and preferences are recognized and accommodated.

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We bring much knowledge and expertise to every service we provide, having assembled a team of exceptionally talented and committed individuals.

Sugar Land, TX